We advise our clients of opportunities that fall within the private and public sector, by means of written or verbal communication, on a daily or monthly basis accord to the preferences of our clientele.

Our clients business growth is our priority and with our in depth knowledge of African markets we can advise effectively in order to bring about smooth entry and growth within the relevant market space.

We do our best to understand our clients business needs and long term plans when putting together a marketing strategy for bringing their services and products into the African markets.

An in depth market research assessment is performed in order to qualify opportunities that will be beneficial to our clients for us to maximize our time and focus where transactions have high probability of closure.

We take political influences, social influences and economic influences into account while undergoing our market research. Our clients are then advised accordingly .

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Capital Seeking

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The forward thinking International Associates at Atlas Africa operates together with a vast corporate network that spans the globe, incorporating private and public partnerships that have been carefully developed and expanded on over the years under the dedicated leadership of company Marketing Director Lindi Gillespie.

Atlas Africa provides its customers with a unique opportunity to grow their business, network with investors, improve their brand awareness and secure a better market share in some of the most dynamic and exciting sectors and economies in the world.

The company has an adaptable approach that seeks to achieve highly beneficial and expedient transactions across a broad spectrum with the ultimate aim of building strong strategic partnerships and other joint ventures.  Our vibrant management team will inform clients on unique opportunities and investment destinations and assist them in taking advantage of these lucrative prospects.

With Lindi Gillespie at the helm, the team will use their broad spectrum of combined skills to put strategic professional and business partnerships in place leading to increased profitability in your business focused area and helping you to grow and expand.

Atlas Africa offers year round access to premier networking and the opportunity to invest in some of the most profitable public and private sectors in the country and abroad.

Atlas Africa is in partnership with private investors , international funds focused on all sectors of the economy .
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